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Asklepios hospital strikes to begin in Germany


Asklepios hospital strikes to begin in Germany

Asklepios Strike
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1,300 non-medical workers at three German clinics in Brandenburg, Lübben and Teupitz will begin striking today. The strike is set to continue to November 10.

This is the second such strike the clinics’ owner—Asklepios hospital group—has faced this year. These workers are striking because they earn less than those who work at Asklepios’ Hamburg clinic.  The Brandenburg clinic saw strikes go on for 6 days last month over the same issue.

Similar demonstrations occurred in May on International Nurses Day, when nurses and hospital support staff across the nation protested what they felt was unfair compensation for working under the harsh conditions of COVID-19.

Germany, like other nations, is facing a situation where the pandemic has hurt their economy and put tremendous pressure on their healthcare system. This means that companies like Asklepios are not well positioned to spend more money, yet their healthcare workers are overworked and deserve more pay. However, Asklepios will have to give in because they must be ready for any potential spikes in COVID-19 cases. As such, expect a settlement between the workers and Asklepios where the workers receive the raise they are seeking.

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