• Thursday, January 5

    Thursday, January 50

    Turkey’s parliament debates constitutional reform, US Senate Committee holds hearing on cyber threats and Indians protest demonetisation.

  • Kenya debates electoral laws

    Kenya debates electoral laws0

    Kenya’s opposition coalition, CORD, has cancelled mass demonstrations planned for Jan. 4. Protestors opposed changes to the electoral law that

  • Algeria hosts Libyan peace talks

    Algeria hosts Libyan peace talks0

    On Wednesday, Algeria plans to host talks between rival Libyan parties in the hopes of ending the five-year-old crisis. The

  • Romania gets a new government

    Romania gets a new government0

    Romania’s parliament will hold a confidence vote on incoming Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu’s new government on Wednesday. After winning 45%

  • Wednesday, January 4

    Wednesday, January 40

    Romania’s centre-left government comes to power, rival Libyan governments hold talks in Algeria and Kenya’s parliament debates a contentious electoral law.

  • Friday, December 23

    Friday, December 230

    Catalonia’s regional parliament meets to discuss an independence referendum.