• Sunday, December 18

    Sunday, December 180

    China seizes US drone operating in the South China Sea and Venezuela's government announces the withdrawal of the country's largest bill.
  • Saturday, December 17

    Saturday, December 170

    Zimbabwe’s ruling party wraps up its congress and developments in the EU's Brexit strategy.
  • Friday, December 16

    Friday, December 160

    European Council summit, Turkey relations discussed and the UN Security Council pushes for lasting ceasefire in Syria.
  • Thursday, December 15

    Thursday, December 150

    Putin and Abe discuss warming ties and Canada votes on increasing its UN involvement
  • Wednesday, December 14

    Wednesday, December 140

    Rex Tillerson tapped for Secretary of State, President of Libya’s Tobruk-based parliament visits Moscow and the US Federal Reserve hikes rates.
  • Tuesday, December 13

    Tuesday, December 130

    US, Japan and S. Korea hold trilateral talks on N. Korea, Trump disrupts US-China relations, and a Russian energy delegation visits Tehran