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Russian and Belarussian trucks will leave EU


Russian and Belarussian trucks will leave EU

12 trucks that are the pride of the Russian automobile industry - Russia Beyond
Russian commercial vehicles will leave the EU – Photo: KAMAZ

Russian & Belarusian trucks will have to leave the European Union today.

This comes as part of the latest round of sanctions placed on Russia and Belarus due to the invasion of Ukraine.

In the latest package of sanctions, the EU will stop importing Russian coal, and will not allow for Russian commercial vehicles to enter its territory. This round of sanctions is significant because it is the first that addresses energy imports from Russia. Currently, the EU imports about 20% of its coal and 40% of its gas from Russia, and member states have disagreed on what sanctions could be placed on Russia’s energy sector given their reliance on it.

As the war continues, more sanctions are likely to follow. It is unlikely that all member states will agree to ban Russian gas, but as Europe heads into warmer months, its need for Russian energy will decrease. This could lead to minor sanctions on energy, but the Europeans will likely first look for other ways to transport gas to member states from other corners of the world before making any decisions on a boycott. For now, the EU will continue to sanction other aspects of the Russian economy.

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