Tensions between India and China rise over border skirmishes

Tensions between India and China rise over border skirmishes

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A group of Indian journalists was scheduled to visit China today; the trip has been cancelled due to heightened tensions in the area near Tibet and the tri-junction. China’s military presence and road construction on the Doklam Plateau has prompted the deployment of Indian troops on the Bhutanese side of the border.

The plateau is situated on a disputed border between China and Bhutan. Although India has no claim over Doklam, New Delhi has justified intervention for its own security interests; the plateau is near the strategic Siliguri Corridor, which connects the northeast India to the rest of the country.

On Wednesday, Beijing announced that it had reached a “basic consensus” with Bhutan “that Doklam belongs to China.” If this consensus results in a stronger Chinese military presence in the area, India is likely to react in kind. Indeed, New Delhi has already increased and upgraded its positions within adjoining Indian territory.

Disputes are not uncommon along the Sino-India border. Ultimately, these small skirmishes risk souring a crucial regional relationship—one that will naturally suffer from increased competitiveness as the two Asian giants vie for power and influence.


Note: the map has been updated to more accurately reflect India’s territorial possessions.


  1. Pushkar Mishra

    I don’t know whether the writer is Pakistani or Chinese. Whosoever you are I want to tell you if you think just by showing wrong map of India you can do any harm to us then you can be remain in fool’s paradise. Even I could say whole pakistan belongs to India “due to historical linkages” (which is the main argue point of China to claim others’ territories) and Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan are independent nations.

    • Editor

      Thank you for bringing the Jammu and Kashmir omission to our attention. We’ve remedied this.

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