Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu to speak at Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China

The Interview France 24
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Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu will speak virtually today at a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) as part of his European tour.

IPAC is a body of parliamentarians from 19 countries that aims to push China to respect international law, human rights and global security through coordinated legislation. Today’s meeting in Rome is focusing on groups persecuted by Beijing. It is a counter-meeting to the G20 Leader Summit to demand a harsher stance towards China.

Minister Wu’s European tour comes after a recent Taiwanese trade delegation visit to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Taiwan’s strategy is to build closer economic ties to Central and Eastern Europe and further develop strategic industries like semiconductors. China hatais expressed strong displeasure with the meetings, perceiving them as a challenge to China’s sovereignty over Taiwan.

Expect IPAC to issue harsh statements denouncing Chinese persecution of Uyghurs and increased hostility towards Taiwan. Short-term they may release a sanctions plan for democracies to harmonize policy punishing China throughout the world. Medium-term, however, a coordinate effort among democracies to support Taiwanese sovereignty or enforce international norms is unlikely as each nation has their own priorities towards Beijing and some will fear damaging trade relations.

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