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Saturday, January 28

President Trump talks to Vladimir Putin and African leaders debate a regional free trade agreement.

Trump, Putin talk

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are set to become telephone buddies on Saturday. President Trump…

Libya: Moscow’s next power play?

Deep national divisions and foreign interference could set Libya on course for another civil war.

Communist rebels talk peace with Philippine government

Peace talks between communist rebels and the Philippine government are expected to wrap up in…

Political unrest in Poland as parliament reopens

Poland’s parliament will reconvene on Wednesday, a month after the assembly was occupied for three…

Can Apple make it in India

The world’s most valuable company wants to set up operations in India. Representatives from Apple…

Wednesday, January 25

Apple explores India, Poland’s parliament reopens amid political unrest and the Philippine government wrap up talks with communist rebels.

Europe at the crossroads: France’s election

Socialist Party members will decide the next French president – but the winner is unlikely to be a Socialist.

Turkey’s central bank makes crucial decisions

Turkey’s central bankers will meet on Tuesday to review the country’s monetary policy. Investors will…

Italian court considers pivotal electoral law

Italy’s Constitutional Court will debate the legality of a 2015 electoral law known as Italicum…