Foreign Brief is an industry-leading source of open source geopolitical intelligence focused first on the Indo-Pacific.

We help our customers make sense of the world. Like a translator, our mission is to decipher complex global events in a coherent and contextualized way.

Our team of global analysts produces daily assessments on the most critical political, economic and strategic developments. By linking current events to medium- and long-term geopolitical trends we provide actionable, forward-looking analysis on global geopolitical developments.

Foreign Brief products cover a wide array of timelines, including Daily Briefs, weekly Radar Sweep event summaries, long-term Insight Reports and topical Deep Dives. We pride ourselves across these timelines to provide a complete picture of the international geopolitical landscape, starting in the Indo-Pacific.

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Objectivity is a fundamental and foundational principle here at Foreign Brief. As such, our organisation is non-partisan and takes no institutional positions.