Law and justice in Poland post-“Law and Justice”

WHAT’S HAPPENING? On October 17, the Electoral Commission confirmed the results of an exit poll…

Operation Barkhane
France calls an end to Operation Barkhane and leaves Mali

WHAT’S HAPPENING? French troops have officially withdrawn from Mali, following an inconclusive ten-year-long struggle to…

On November 17, Kyrgyzstan’s parliament rapidly ratified an agreement to delimit the country’s border with Uzbekistan in all three readings. Photo: Peter in s/Wikimedia Commons
Prospects for protest in Kyrgyzstan’s post-border deal

WHAT’S HAPPENING?On November 17, Kyrgyzstan’s parliament rapidly ratified an agreement to delimit the country’s border…

Will price caps sway the public
Protests in Prague: will price caps sway the public?

WHAT’S HAPPENING? On September 3, approximately 70,000 protesters gathered in Prague’s Wenceslas Square to call…

The UAE’s Iranian strategy
The UAE’s Iranian strategy

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The United Arab Emirates has returned its ambassador to Iran for the first…

The Artsakh Question: 2025 and beyond

WHAT’S HAPPENING? With Russia’s peacekeeping contingent in Artsakh facing the possibility of expulsion in 2025,…

Moldovan ex-president’s arrest put corruption and policy on trial
Moldovan ex-president’s arrest puts corruption and policy on trial

WHAT’S HAPPENING? On May 24, former Moldovan President Igor Dodon was detained and subsequently placed…

Wheat supply bottlenecks pose fiscal challenges for Egypt
Wheat Supply Bottlenecks Pose Fiscal Challenges for Egypt

WHAT’S HAPPENING? As Russia’s war against Ukraine surpasses the 100-day mark, international oil and wheat…

Zeitenwende: German defense and the invasion of Ukraine
Germany’s Defense Policy Revolution

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused Germany to rethink its national defense strategy.

Sugar From a Neighbor: Is the EAEU Goods Ban Reversal Enough?

An initial (but since reversed) ban on exports of Russian sugar and grain to the EAEU sparked negative sentiment in Central Asia that is unlikely to disappear in the near term.