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Budget crunch: Sri Lankan government weighs economy, unrest

WHAT’S HAPPENING? President Ranil Wickremesinghe presented Sri Lanka’s national budget on November 14 for the…

Eyeing Taiwan: China’s military strategy and trajectory
Eyeing Taiwan: China’s military strategy and trajectory

WHAT’S HAPPENING? China’s growing assertiveness is increasingly backed up by a modern and capable military…

Iranian nuclear talks at risk of stalling

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The United States and Iran have been negotiating a new Iranian nuclear deal…

Taiwan’s semiconductor edge to shore up security ties
Taiwan’s semiconductor edge to shore up security ties

WHAT’S HAPPENING? Taiwan has been pertinent to global high-tech supply chains for years, thanks to…

Myanmar power struggle
Myanmar Caught Between a Regional Power Struggle

Myanmar’s political stalemate has been exacerbated by a regional power struggle between China and India which view any resolution to the ongoing conflict as tipping the scales in the favor of the other.

The Economic Cost of China’s COVID-19 Policy

The Chinese government’s decision to insist on a zero-tolerance approach toward COVID-19 may come at a great cost to the country’s economy.

Photo: The Kremlin, Russia
China and the DRC: the Geoeconomics of Cobalt and Electric Vehicles

Chinese investors cut a secret deal with Congolese officials increasing their profit share of mining revenues while falling behind on promised infrastructure agreements.

Hun Sen and Min Aung Hlaing: A new challenge for ASEAN

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s latest move to normalize relations with Myanmar’s military junta raises questions as to which diplomatic course of action the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will pursue this year as Cambodia assumes chairmanship of the organization.

Skyline of the Central Business District of Singapore with Esplanade Bridge in the evening
Singapore’s Gastarbeiters: A Stormy Future

Recent incidents involving migrant workers and Singaporean law enforcement call into question Singapore’s treatment of foreign workers in the construction sector.

China’s Climate Future

China is trying to undo its world’s largest polluter status, but there are obstacles to meeting this goal.