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Eyeing Taiwan: China’s military strategy and trajectory
Eyeing Taiwan: China’s military strategy and trajectory

WHAT’S HAPPENING? China’s growing assertiveness is increasingly backed up by a modern and capable military…

The Artsakh Question: 2025 and beyond

WHAT’S HAPPENING? With Russia’s peacekeeping contingent in Artsakh facing the possibility of expulsion in 2025,…

Iranian nuclear talks at risk of stalling

WHAT’S HAPPENING? The United States and Iran have been negotiating a new Iranian nuclear deal…

Moldovan ex-president’s arrest put corruption and policy on trial
Moldovan ex-president’s arrest puts corruption and policy on trial

WHAT’S HAPPENING? On May 24, former Moldovan President Igor Dodon was detained and subsequently placed…

Taiwan’s semiconductor edge to shore up security ties
Taiwan’s semiconductor edge to shore up security ties

WHAT’S HAPPENING? Taiwan has been pertinent to global high-tech supply chains for years, thanks to…

Wheat supply bottlenecks pose fiscal challenges for Egypt
Wheat Supply Bottlenecks Pose Fiscal Challenges for Egypt

WHAT’S HAPPENING? As Russia’s war against Ukraine surpasses the 100-day mark, international oil and wheat…

Zeitenwende: German defense and the invasion of Ukraine
Germany’s Defense Policy Revolution

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused Germany to rethink its national defense strategy.

Myanmar power struggle
Myanmar Caught Between a Regional Power Struggle

Myanmar’s political stalemate has been exacerbated by a regional power struggle between China and India which view any resolution to the ongoing conflict as tipping the scales in the favor of the other.

The Economic Cost of China’s COVID-19 Policy

The Chinese government’s decision to insist on a zero-tolerance approach toward COVID-19 may come at a great cost to the country’s economy.

Slow Progress: South Korea’s Gender Inequality Issue

South Korea’s ongoing struggle with gender inequality has ramifications for its economy and society. The country’s new president, Yoon Suk-yeol, may end up exacerbating this problem by denying its existence.