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EU discusses special aid package for Ukraine


EU discusses special aid package for Ukraine

European Union leaders will meet in Brussels today to discuss a proposed 50 billion euro funding package for Ukraine.

The bloc has already spent more than 40 billion euros in financial aid and 27 billion euros in military aid since the war began. Nevertheless, Ukraine still faces a significant budget shortfall, and with US aid in doubt, is more reliant on the EU than before.

The proposed amendment to the EU budget, along with a 20 billion euro military aid package, was vetoed by Hungary in December. Hungarian leader Viktor Orban has increasingly expressed his objections to EU funding for the war in Ukraine. As a consequence, a recent report suggested that EU leaders are warming up to the idea of freezing EU funds to Hungary until it approves the aid for Ukraine.

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Photo: The Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/Wikimedia Commons

Legal obstacles, as well as fears of a populist backlash, may deter EU leaders from such steps. However, as Brussels’ frustrations with Orban grow, expect the EU to put more pressure on Hungary. Ultimately, a funding package for Ukraine is likely to be agreed upon, but Orban could use Hungary’s veto to shrink or alter its scope.

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