military exercises

Russia hosts Vostok 2022 military exercises

Vostok 2022—Moscow’s multi-nation military exercises—will take place across 13 locations in Russia starting today until…

Pitch Black
Indo-Pacific Geopolitics Newsletter 08/21/2022
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Regional Cooperation 22
US-Tajik Regional Cooperation 22 exercise to conclude

The US-Tajikistan Regional Cooperation 22 exercise will conclude in Tajikistan today. These exercises, sponsored by…

China Taiwan tensions
Why Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Angered China

China showed its military might in the Taiwan Strait last week after US House Speaker…

China military exercises
Indo-Pacific Geopolitics Newsletter 08/14/2022
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PLA Navy during China's military exercises
China to conclude military exercises in Bohai and Yellow Sea

China will today conclude its military exercises in the southern Yellow Sea and Northern Bohai…

Garuda Shield 2022
US-Indonesia military exercise Garuda Shield 2022 to end

The joint US-Indonesian military exercises Garuda Shield 2022—hosted in Indonesia’s Sumatra and Riau islands over…

UK Finland Air Force exercise
UK and Finland to begin joint Air Force exercise

The UK Royal Air Force and Finnish Air Force will hold a joint exercise in…

UK Defence Minister Visits Norway during NATO Exercise

UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace will travel to meet Norwegian Minister of…

2022 US Philippines Balikatan exercise begins

The 2022 Balikatan exercises held by the United States and the Philippines militaries kick off…