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2022 African Energy Week to begin in South Africa


2022 African Energy Week to begin in South Africa

2022 African Energy Week
African Energy Week
2022 African Energy Week to begin in South Africa. – Photo: Energy Capital & Power

The 2022 African Energy Week exhibition will begin today in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hosted by the African Energy Chamber, the exhibition seeks to bring together African energy stakeholders, drive industry growth and promote Africa as the destination for energy-focused events. The exhibition will host Mary Burce Warlick, Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, who will engage with industry executives on the future of Africa’s energy industry, and attract investments to develop and tap into African energy resources. Given a lack of widespread sustainable energy infrastructure in Europe, much of the need is for oil and gas.

The conference will likely connect African energy developers to capital being redirected from Russia and lay the foundations for increased energy extraction in the African continent within the next five years. Also, the conference and its future iterations may help to secure the long-term backing of major global powers for Africa as the next major energy market following the decision of the OPEC+ cartel to cut oil production.

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