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21st International Scientific GeoConference to conclude in Austria


21st International Scientific GeoConference to conclude in Austria

SGEM Vienna to conclude today

The 21st International Scientific Geo-Conference (SGEM) will conclude today in Vienna.

The annual conference is designed to showcase the latest developments in green science and sustainable technology. This year’s theme is “Green Sciences for Green Life” and focuses on the need for sustainable solutions to achieve a healthier relationship between humanity and the planet.

The conference follows November’s COP26. SGEM is complementary to COP26’s initiatives, exploring new technological advances to make life more sustainable and climate-resilient. Amidst the conference this week, the EU approved the first section of its sustainable finance taxonomy, a guideline for climate-friendly investments defining what can be labeled as green.

Expect SGEM to highlight the technologies which will prove critical as the EU encourages greener infrastructure and development. Expect sustainable construction and energy to be the top targets for increased green investment, which will be governed by the new taxonomy. The taxonomy section in charge of regulating energy has yet to be passed and will decide whether to label gas and nuclear energy investments as green. Expect nuclear to be labeled as green but not gas, as pro-nuclear countries like France argue that its continued use is critical for achieving 2050 emissions targets.

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