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40th JP Morgan HealthCare Conference to begin virtually


40th JP Morgan HealthCare Conference to begin virtually

JP Morgan
Image: JP Morgan

JP Morgan’s 40th Annual HealthCare Conference begins today virtually and will run through January 13th.

The conference is the largest healthcare investment symposium in the industry. It aims to connect industry leaders, emerging companies, tech innovators, the investment community and government administrators.

Originally slated to be held in-person in San Francisco, the conference moved online due to the recent surge of the Omicron variant. Recorded cases of COVID-19 topped 300 million globally Friday, although the actual count may be much higher due to underreporting of illness. The latest wave has stressed already overtaxed public health systems.

While biotech and innovation will be the central themes of the conference, healthcare industry leaders must contend with the fundamental failings of healthcare systems that were illuminated by the pandemic. Topics that remain prescient include the millions of Americans without health insurance, lack of access to medical facilities, understaffing in the healthcare industry, uncontrolled prices and costs and widespread disparities in access and care. Without addressing the underlying systemic deficiencies in healthcare, no number of technological advancements will fix the current system.

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