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4th UK-Bangladesh Strategic Dialogue to Begin in London


4th UK-Bangladesh Strategic Dialogue to Begin in London

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The 4th UK-Bangladesh Strategic Dialogue—a routine discourse occurring biennially—will convene today in London.

The main agenda of today’s dialogue will center around the necessity of strengthening bilateral ties and bolstering trade volume. Dhaka and London will also address global issues such as climate change and the current state of the pandemic.

Bangladeshi delegates will use today’s talks to press for Dhaka’s removal from London’s red list because of the relative decrease in the country’s COVID-19 cases. However, Bangladesh will likely remain in UK’s red list due to London’s strict measures to curb the spread of new variants. Expect British investments in Dhaka, focused on the growing IT sector, to increase during the short- to medium-term, which will further boost Bangladesh’s GDP. This venture could transform Bangladesh into a major IT hub in the region rivaling its neighboring powerhouse, India. The uptick in British investment will sustain over the medium-term. Furthermore, London will also support Dhaka’s endeavor to lower carbon emissions in its fight against climate change. Therefore, London may also help fund various renewable energy projects in Dhaka such as wind turbines and solar panels, with the aim of decreasing Dhaka’s dependence on fossil fuel during the long-term.

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