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Afghanistan’s reduction in violence agreement to come into force on Saturday


Afghanistan’s reduction in violence agreement to come into force on Saturday

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Photo: Reuters

The “reduction in violence” agreement, a week-long partial ceasefire between the Taliban, Afghan and US forces, is expected to come into force in Afghanistan today.

As part of the reduction in violence agreement, the Taliban will not attack US or Afghan forces and will reverse its long-standing policy of non-cooperation with the Afghan government. The agreement is viewed as a confidence-building measure for Afghanistan, whose government has been engaged in constant conflict with the Taliban for two decades.

If the week passes without significant violence, a broader peace deal will be signed on February 29. The deal is reported to provide for the withdrawal of US troops from the country within the next three years. It will also pave the way for serious negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban regarding a permanent ceasefire and the future administration of the country.

However, there is much uncertainty regarding the consequent intra-Afghan negotiations. It is unclear who will represent the divided Afghan government and the Taliban have shown hostility towards US mediation. The “reduction in violence” agreement is a significant first step in negotiations, but do not expect peace in Afghanistan to flourish soon.

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