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Italy’s COVID-19 “green pass” system to take effect


Italy’s COVID-19 “green pass” system to take effect

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Italy’s COVID-19 “green pass” system—requiring Italians to present proof of vaccination to access facilities including theatres, stadiums, museums, gyms, and restaurants—will activate today.

COVID-19 infections rose to a daily rate of over 6,500 this week. Prime Minister Mario Draghi asserts the measures will prevent future lockdowns and keep businesses open. A majority of Italians favor the new system.

Nevertheless, expect continued protests in and out of parliament against the green pass from Italy’s anti-vaccination groups as the decision continues to be panned by right-wing political groups. Far right-wing groups, like the Brothers of Italy party, have criticized the green pass as impinging upon civil liberties.

Northern League leader Matteo Salvini—a key member of the left-right coalition government—has also criticized the measures. Still, Salvini’s move is likely an attempt to regain far right supporters who have joined the Brothers since the Northern League’s entrance into the coalition earlier this year. Furthermore, it raises the chances of a future right-wing government uniting Brothers and Northern League as the pandemic subsides and the coalition’s technocratic rationale becomes unpopular. Still, this unlikely to be a possibility until 2022, when President Sergio Mattarella’s term ends and parliament can formally dissolve and a new elections are called.

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