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All eyes on British lawmakers as parliament sits to vote on new Brexit deal


All eyes on British lawmakers as parliament sits to vote on new Brexit deal

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Lawmakers in the UK’s lower house will convene today for a special two-day session to debate the new Brexit deal reached with the EU.

While the current Brexit withdrawal date is scheduled for October 31, the Benn Act requires PM Boris Johnson to garner Parliament’s approval of this date. If the current framework does not pass in the House of Commons today, the new withdrawal date will be January 31, 2020.

It is unclear if Johnson’s deal will obtain a majority and pass today. While Johnson has scrapped some controversial elements of the agreement, many members of both the Conservative and Labour Parties have pledged to not support the current deal, albeit for different reasons. Furthermore, the Democratic Unionist Party, which gave the Conservative government its majority, has staunchly opposed the deal, claiming unfair treatment towards Northern Ireland.

Even if Johnson whips up enough votes, logistical hurdles remain that will make achieving Brexit by October 31 a challenge. Indeed, the agreement’s implementation into UK law will take time, warranting an extension of some sort. Parliament could also still vote to amend the deal, causing further delays.

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