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Arab League delegation to visit Moscow


Arab League delegation to visit Moscow

Foreign minsters of Arab League states gather in a meeting at the organization's headquarters in Cairo.
Photo Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

Foreign Ministers from six Arab League countries will meet with Russian officials in Moscow today.

The meeting will focus on the Arab Leagues response to the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis. Yemen, Libya and Sudan are members of the Arab League that currently and collectively endure larger humanitarian crises than Ukraine. The prioritization of Russian affairs over internal affairs in the MENA is par for the course.

Cairo, a historical ally of Russia, called for this urgent meeting. Russia and Egypt share regional security concerns in Libya  and regularly hold joint military exercises like the 2021 Defender of Friendship exercise. However, Washington annually provides Egypt with military aid worth $1.3 billion—$300 million of  which is conditional.

Moscow’s rapprochements with Cairo is reminiscent of Egypts regional role during the Soviet Unions expansion era, which is concerning to the US and other Western states. Expect Egypt to keep the door open to Russia as their mutual investment such as the nuclear power plant under construction in Dabaa is of significant value to Cairo. Western sanctions on Russia could compromise the power plant project in Egypt. Expect to see Western politico-economic punishments towards Egypt and other league states if rapprochements with Russia continue.

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