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Astana to host new round of talks on Syria


Astana to host new round of talks on Syria

2022 Astana talks on Syria PHOTO: The Cradle

Astana, Kazakhstan will host a new round of talks to implement a ceasefire in Syria from the 24-25th January.

The Astana format was introduced in 2017 to end hostilities in Syria and facilitate long-term peace.  This round marks the 21st meeting between Russia, Turkey, and Iran, as well as delegates from Syria’s Al-Assad’s regime and opposition forces. The previous meeting, held in June 2023, hoped to be the end of the Kazakh-hosted format, given UN representative Geir Otto Pedersen’s insistence that talks had successfully achieved their goals.

Recent attacks by neighbouring countries on Syria may have re-mobilized efforts to bring stability into the region, with Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev sending 139 peacekeepers to the occupied territory of the Golan Heights in Syria. Pedersen has touched on Syria’s political, security, and economic situation in preliminary talks with the guarantor states.

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In the long term, the reinstatement of the Astana format may bring greater regional scrutiny and involvement in Syrian affairs, likely resulting in changes to the approach of the international community regarding their Syrian foreign policy. Short-term impacts may include increased involvement of United Nations missions in Syria and further conflict between warring parties, as the situation continues to destabilize.

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