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Australia expands COVID-19 vaccination age range


Australia expands COVID-19 vaccination age range

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Australians aged 16 and up will today become eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Increased eligibility to the younger age group—having been heavily restricted by the vaccine rollout program—coincides with the anticipated arrival of 5m extra doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in September. Australia has struggled to obtain adequate vaccinations for its citizens throughout the pandemic, and has strictly limited the vaccination rollout accordingly.

Half of Australia is still under indefinite strict lockdown, and politicians have emphasised that restrictions will not ease until double-dose vaccination rates reach 70%. At this stage, only 33.7% of Australian’s are fully vaccinated.

In the short-term, expect most of Australia to stay under strict lockdown, as the suppression strategy will continue until sufficient vaccination rates are achieved.

In the medium-term, once the 70% double-dose threshold is met, expect Australian’s to enjoy significantly eased restrictions and freedom of movement bringing much needed revenue to tourism and hospitality industries.

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In the longer-term, when 80% of over-16s have been vaccinated, Australian’s will only be locked down in extreme situations. This phase will also see vaccinated Australian’s able to more freely move domestically and internationally.

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