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Australia to hold 2022 federal elections


Australia to hold 2022 federal elections

Australia will hold its 2022 federal elections today
Australia 2022 federal elections | Photo: Getty Images/BBC News

Australians go to the polls today to vote in the 2022 federal elections and decide who will lead their country for the next three years.

Today’s election is between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Liberal-National Coalition, versus Anthony Albanese and his Labor Party. Morrison, in office since 2018, has been credited for his strict Covid policies, which helped Australia maintain one of the lowest pandemic-related death rates. However, Morrison has faced issues with his public image after members of his own party accused him of bullying. Some members have resigned from party leadership over his treatment of others.

Polling in recent days has suggested that Morrison’s public image could affect the number of seats the Liberal-National coalition is able to hold. The surveys have shown that the Labor party will likely take some Liberal seats, even though Morrison has made a promise to be more empathetic. Still, other polling suggests that Australians prefer having Morrison over Albanese lead the country.

Expect to see Labor take seats away from the Liberal-National Coalition. The Greens are also expected to perform well given that Australia is facing climate change issues. Morrison also has a chance of remaining in power, but his race against Albanese will be very competitive.

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