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Bangladesh, India to hold meeting on use of waterways


Bangladesh, India to hold meeting on use of waterways

Container ship belonging to Maersk India PHOTO: Maersk India

The Shipping Ministers from India and Bangladesh are set to hold a meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh on December 19 and 20.

Bangladeshi Senior Shipping Minister Kamal and Indian Shipping and Waterways Minister Ramachandran will represent their respective countries in Dhaka as they discuss issues relating to visa processing provisions along water routes and further enhancing river connectivity upon decisions taken during prior meetings. The two nations share 54 rivers representing over 3,500 kilometers of navigable watercourses, the largest of which is the Ganga River which generates approximately 40% of India’s GDP.

These discussions are all part of a broader dialogue India and Bangladesh are considering in creating a free trade agreement between the two nations. Expect additional cooperation to occur at this meeting in ensuring the waterways work more effectively for both India and Bangladesh and more diplomatic conversations to happen in the coming months and years.

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