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Bangladesh Nationalist Party protests expected in Dhaka


Bangladesh Nationalist Party protests expected in Dhaka

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) concludes its rally today.

BNP members started rallying outside their office headquarters in the Naya Paltan area of Dhaka yesterday following afternoon congregational prayers. Hundreds of protesters and activists attended the event and demanded the release of jailed BNP leaders and supporters.

An estimated 20,000 BNP politicians and activists are said to be currently detained due to a government mandated crackdown that took place in the aftermath of a massive opposition rally held last October. Furthermore, five members of the BNP have also reportedly died while in police custody.

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The series of ongoing rallies and protests can be seen as part of the BNP’s wider efforts to restore the peoples’ democratic rights and to ultimately combat authoritarianism. According to the BNP leader Abdul Moteen Khan, the general election held in January was considered a “fake election” subject to voter fraud, rigging and intimidation, all in a concerted effort to keep the incumbent Sheikh Hasina in power. Amidst the ongoing crackdown on political dissenters, expect more arrests and detainment to take place in the upcoming days.

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