Barbados holds general elections

Barbados elections
Barbados holds general elections Photo: Jonathan Brady/Reuters

Barbados will hold general elections today.

The elections follow Barbados’ removal of Queen Elizabeth II as the country’s head of state and reconstitution as a republic. The contesting parties in today’s elections are the favorites, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). In the most recent elections, held in 2018, the BLP won the majority of votes, obtaining most seats in both the Senate and the House of Assembly. The center-left (BLP) is expected to secure yet another overwhelming majority in the parliament, as the polls suggest.

Expect the BLP to prioritize the well-being of its impoverished citizens amidst the country’s pandemic-induced economic frailties. Barbados’ main investment will be in public services. In the medium- to long-term, the BLP will overhaul in Barbados’ housing sector in an effort to extend their governance and aid the low-income population. The party aims to spearhead a substantial eco-friendly construction project, under the framework of the Home Ownership Providing Energy (HOPE) program, as it will build affordable homes with solar panels for its poor population. This initiative will also be beneficial to Bridgetown, as the houses will generate large quantities of renewable energy for future use.

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