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Bernie Sanders leads the polls ahead of New Hampshire Democratic primary


Bernie Sanders leads the polls ahead of New Hampshire Democratic primary

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US Democratic Party voters in the state of New Hampshire will head to the polls today to choose their party’s candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

The primary arrives after a tumultuous and uncertain Iowa Caucus last week, the final results of which will also be released today.

Victory in the New Hampshire primary has been a fairly reliable indicator of both Democratic and Republican nominees. The latest polls roughly resemble the Iowa results, with Senator Bernie Sanders atop the field at 28%, trailed by Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 21%. Former vice president Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren lag behind at 12% and 9%, respectively.

Expect today’s result to affirm the Sanders vs. Buttigieg dynamic for the following primaries. A serious under-performance for Biden or Warren could mean the end of their campaigns. A result like this would cement Buttigieg’s position as the most viable centrist candidate, while Sanders would be unopposed in claiming the leadership of the progressive wing of the party.

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