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Bolivian Workers Central to stage protests for fresh elections


Bolivian Workers Central to stage protests for fresh elections

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The Bolivian Workers Central (COB), the country’s main labour union, is calling for protests today to demand elections and to oppose the policies of the interim government.

Today’s protests will be the first mass demonstrations of labour organisations against the interim government. The current leadership came to power in a highly polarised political environment produced by the contested 2019 presidential election and resulting crisis, which forced president Evo Morales to step down over allegations of election irregularities.

Despite ongoing repression against union leaders, social activists and members of the former president’s MAS party, COB—consisting of 60 affiliated organisations constituting the majority of the country’s workforce—has renewed its call for the restoration of democracy and put forward a 13-point proposal to reactivate production chains and guarantee adequate work conditions. A broad sector of Bolivian society, including labour unions, social movements and political parties, demand new elections be held on September 6, a date set by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Expect continued uncertainty as Bolivia’s interim administration maintains a national ban on public gatherings due to an increasing COVID-19 caseload, putting into question the viability of the planned protests around the country.

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