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Boris Johnson cuts short visit to the Queen amid push for early election


Boris Johnson cuts short visit to the Queen amid push for early election

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The UK’s House of Lords approved a bill today from the House of Commons that forces PM Boris Johnson to seek from the European Council (EC) an extension to Brexit if a deal is not struck by October 19.

The October 31 deadline by which a deal had to have been delivered is almost certain to become January 31.

Following a string of key Tory defections, Boris Johnson lost his governing majority on Tuesday, allowing the aforementioned bill to pass through the Lower House. In response, Johnson threatened to call a snap election for October 15 to solidify his governing majority. That motion, which required the support of two-thirds of MPs, fell 136 votes short.

Though both sides have taken turns calling for snap elections, Labour is unlikely to back an election before an agreement for an extension date is reached with the EC. Once a date is reached, however, Britain is likely to see an election called as both parties try to secure a mandate. In the event of an election, the Conservatives are likely to stack their benches with even more hardliners, attack parliament for not delivering Brexit and attempt to poach rural, pro-Leave Labour voters, though this approach could prove alienating.

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