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Boris Johnson expected to unveil Britain’s new cabinet on Thursday


Boris Johnson expected to unveil Britain’s new cabinet on Thursday

boris johnson cabinet reshuffle
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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce his new cabinet today following a recent wide-ranging reshuffle.

The change comes after Johnson gained an 80-seat majority in Parliament and completed Brexit.  The PM is expected to use this reshuffle to heal divisions caused by Brexit and the contest for Tory leadership to create a more unified government voice.

High level ministers expected to be ousted include Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.  Cox is expected to be replaced due to his reluctance to engage in party politics, going against Johnson’s wishes.  His replacement could lead to more politicisation within the Supreme Court, a shift away from Cox’s bid to boost transparency.  Wallace has been outspoken against the UK’s partnership with Huawei to build a 5G network, citing security concerns of Chinese network interference and infiltration.  His replacement might see this partnership with Huawei continue as the Johnson government sees these threats as minimal.

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