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Buenos Aires protestors to gather for Global Climate Strike


Buenos Aires protestors to gather for Global Climate Strike

Natacha Pisarenko AP Photo via Shutterstock
Photo: Natacha Pisarenko/AP Photo via Shutterstock

Protesters in Buenos Aires will gather today for the Global Climate Strike movement, denouncing extractive policies in Argentina.

The Workers’ Left Front alliance and the Basta de Falsas Soluciones—Enough of False Solutions—will participate in the demonstrations. The environmental activists are urging the Argentinian government to call out companies responsible for accelerating environmental destruction and reject natural resource extraction policies.

President Alberto Fernandez has continued to support companies that use Argentina’s natural resources for the states’ financial gain due to the $45 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan that is pressing down on Argentina’s economic stability. The recent Argentina-China pork agreement that will bring large-scale pork production to Argentina, as well as the mega-mining industries in Chubut and Mendoza are promoted by President Fernández to obtain the funds required to pay Argentina’s IMF debt.

The protests today are likely to attract thousands of activists. However, President Fernandez is unlikely to change the state’s environmental policies or cease negotiations with corporations which may financially benefit Argentina. This is because Argentina has approximately 12 months before its more substantial IMF repayments are due and the government’s ability to postpone payments is wearing thin, forcing them to make decisions based on economic gain.

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