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Bulgaria to hold general elections


Bulgaria to hold general elections

Photo: Valentina Petrova/Associated Press

Bulgaria’s parliamentary and presidential elections will take place today.

The country’s presidential post is largely ceremonial. Thus, citizens will primarily focus on the parliamentary elections, given Bulgaria’s failure to form a government in April and July. Unable to secure a cabinet, former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov stepped down in April after 12 years in office. Borisov remains a candidate for prime minister under his GERB party, but currently polls at roughly 24%—down 2% from July. Competing for second place in the polls are the centrist We Continue the Change party and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)—polling respectively at 16.5% and 16%.

GERB is expected to receive the most parliamentary seats, but will likely fall short of a majority. It is unlikely that GERB will be able to form a coalition, as its far-right coalition partners face the difficulty of meeting parliament’s 4% support threshold. With corruption a major political issue, expect the BSP and We Continue the Change to try to form a governing coalition with other anti-graft parties.

Anti-corruption parties may try to put aside their differences to end the stalemate. However, expect coalition negotiations to remain arduous, likely leading to another dissolution of the parliament.

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