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Campus Party Brasilia technology fair ends today


Campus Party Brasilia technology fair ends today

Campus Party Brasilia, a massive tech fair, ends today
Campus Party Brasilia ends today reflecting the growing IT sector in Brasil – Photo: Mercado & Consumo

The Brasilia edition of the ‘Campus Party’ international tech fair will conclude today in Brazil.

The fair promotes innovation and entrepreneurship and claims to be the largest of its kind in the world, with the second session in São Paolo scheduled for July. Campus Party more resembles a festival than a traditional fair—in addition to a drone arena and talks on the internet of things, blockchain, and maker culture, the festival also features performances by DJs and a symphony orchestra.

Brazil’s tech industry gained momentum over the past decade and the Campinas region of São Paolo is often referred to as Brazil’s Silicon Valley. Brazil has the most unicorns–startups valued at over $1 million–in Latin America and is a continental hub for international tech companies.

Campus Party serves as a reminder of the ongoing growth of Brazil’s tech scene. While the country’s economy contracted as a result of the pandemic, its IT sector continued to expand. Furthermore, the pandemic saw the global dissemination of tech talent as engineers and developers worked remotely, with many returning home from the US. As such, expect 2022 to bring a new wave of startups to Brazil, especially fintech and money movement services.

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