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Canada Freedom Convoy continues in Charlottetown


Canada Freedom Convoy continues in Charlottetown

Canada Freedom Convoy in Ottawa – Photo: Dave Chan/AFP via Getty Images

Truck drivers are expected to protest in Charlottetown, Canada today, demanding the abolition of vaccine requirements.

Since late January, a group of truck drivers, organized under the title ‘Freedom Convoy 2022,’ has assembled in Ottawa to protest the vaccination requirement for truckers crossing the US-Canada border. While the protests have been largely non-violent, protestors have disturbed residential neighborhoods with horn-honking, harmed local businesses, and disrupted auto supply chains by blockading crucial border crossings. 400 additional trucks are expected to join the protest today.

The protests have found some support among Conservative Canadian politicians. However, after some protestors were linked to QAnon and Holocaust denial conspiracies, many Conservatives distanced themselves from the Freedom Convoy organization and instead voiced support for individual protestors. The protests have maintained grassroots support, however, raising over $7 million before GoFundMe stopped the fundraiser for violating terms of service.

Despite their ability to attract media attention, the protestors are unlikely to find success in reversing vaccine mandates. Anti-vaccine movements do not have momentum in Canada, where more than 88% of citizens over the age of four—and 90% of truckers—have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Expect the protests to conclude with little impact on policy.

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