Interview: In-depth analysis of the Hong Kong security law and its implications

As the dust settles on Hong Kong’s newly imposed security law, a legal expert analyses the law’s wide content and scope.

The Taliban is actively developing relationships with regional powers as it makes territorial gains in Afghanistan

As the Taliban and Afghan government begin peace talks, the Taliban is on the diplomatic front foot.

With The U.S.-Taliban Deal In Place, IS-K Seeks To Build A Reign Of Terror In Afghanistan

As the Taliban’s ideology loses support, a new reign of terror orchestrated by the Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) is taking shape in Afghanistan.

The American Plan For Syria

Global Security Review analysis by Hashim Abid (Aug 6, 2020) It’s been nearly a decade…

Confronting Japan To Defend Against China: Senkaku As A Case Study In Taiwan’s Politics

The Tsai administration’s tough talk on the Japanese redesignation of the Senkaku Islands may be interpreted as an olive branch to the Pan-Blue coalition.

Kastellorizo Is The Key To Turkish & Greek Ambitions In The Eastern Mediterranean

What if Turkey enforces its claimed maritime boundaries? How would Greece, neighboring states, and the U.S. respond?

A New Formula For The UN Security Council

The case for the “Pierce formula”

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Will The United States Lead The Post-COVID World?

Global Security Review analysis by Miro Popkhadze (June 16, 2020) The coronavirus is the most…

It’s Time For The EU To Lead In Libya

Global Security Review analysis by Agneska Bloch (May 29, 2020) Since the overthrow and killing of Muammar…

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A Global Recession Will Fuel Cyber-Espionage

Global Security Review analysis by Mohamed ELDoh (April 19, 2020) Over the past several years,…