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The First Rule Of Countering Influence: Don’t Talk About Countering Influence

The growth of Chinese influence around the globe has become one of the top priorities for the United States.

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Western Balkan Border Changes Must Remain An EU Red Line

Despite its clear geopolitical interest in integrating the Western Balkans as soon as possible, EU engagement in the region has been lacking.

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The many challenges of fighting against enforced disappearances in Asia

Many Asian countries still do not understand the nature of enforced disappearance, and often believe the issue is not relevant in their countries.

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The Inevitability Of The Taliban’s Resurgence In Afghanistan

There are worries that the US withdrawal will end up in the Taliban resurging and retaking control over Afghanistan.

The Jimmy Lai case: The National Security Law and the future of dissent in Hong Kong

If Lai is convicted it will serve as a clear signal to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement that Beijing is in charge.

Arctic Great Power Competition: The United States, Russia And China

While a historic Arctic power like Russia is militarizing its waters, so-called near-Arctic China is extending its commercial reach to Greenland and Russia with the Polar Silk Road component of its Belt and Road Initiative.

Is the military coup in Myanmar the death knell of democracy and federalism?

The coup has major potential consequences for a country that was struggling to emerge from decades of military oppression and conflict.

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The influence of elite interests are crucial to understanding Indonesia’s response to COVID-19

The government’s response is a reflection of the relationship between state and society, where elite interests are paramount.

South Korea’s prospects for a middle-power alliance in the era of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has created opportunities to reinvigorate middle-power coalitions.

Russian Ambitions In The Arctic: What To Expect

For no country has the Arctic played as significant a role as it does for Russia