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China Cybersecurity Week to conclude


China Cybersecurity Week to conclude

Photo: Xinhua

The 2021 China Cybersecurity Week in Xi’an will conclude today.

The week’s events include numerous nationwide online and offline activities such as exhibitions, seminars and online classes that focus on the publicity of laws and regulations that govern cybersecurity in the country. The theme of this year’s cybersecurity week is the public’s role in developing cybersecurity defenses and is geared toward young people and college students, as well as those working in telecommunications and finance. The major events of the week, including the opening ceremony and primary forum, have been held in Xi’an.

Expect the emphasis on cybersecurity in China to reinforce the country’s existing focus on the issue. China’s regulatory standards concerning cybersecurity became more stringent in September when a new data security law outlined the rules of data collection for the first time and articulated the rules for transferring the data of Chinese citizens overseas, potentially complicating the operations of particularly data-driven companies. Especially within the internet sector, China restricts the collection of a large amount of data by companies and likely sees encouraging citizens to be more cognizant about cybersecurity issues as a tool to reduce data collection across the country.

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