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Colombia to hold 2022 senate elections


Colombia to hold 2022 senate elections

Colombia senate elections 2022
Colombia senate elections 2022 – Photo: AP/Fernando Vergara

2022 Elections for the senate of Colombia will take place today.

All 108 seats in Colombia’s upper legislature are up for grabs. 100 are selected by the national popular vote, while of the remaining seats five are reserved for Comunes (the political successor of the FARC rebel group), two for indigenous votes, and the last for the runner-up of May’s upcoming presidential election.

Today’s legislative elections will serve as an unofficial preview of May’s presidential election. President Ivan Duque of the right-wing Democratic Centre party has the highest disapproval ratings of a Colombian president in decades, driven by his handling of COVID-19 and a resurgence of political violence.

Expect today’s senate elections to reflect the wider trend in South America of a shift away from traditional political power players. Colombia traditionally has elected right-leaning leaders, but Duque’s widespread unpopularity is likely to be reflected in today’s vote with a poor showing for the Democratic Centre. Expect voters to opt for more alternative parties, such as the leftist Pacto Histórico. Further, expect a ramp-up in political violence as voters of more traditional, conservative parties contest and reject a likely loss of their usual vote share.

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