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Colombia VP-elect Francia Marquez to meet with President Alberto Fernandez of Argentina


Colombia VP-elect Francia Marquez to meet with President Alberto Fernandez of Argentina

Colombia Argentina president
Colombia VP-elect Márquez will meet with President Fernández of Argentina | Photo: Vanessa Jimenez/Reuters

Colombia Vice President-elect Francia Márquez will meet with President Alberto Fernández of Argentina at the Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires today.

Márquez and President-elect Gustavo Petro will be inaugurated on August 7, becoming the first leftist administration in Colombia. Márquez, a lawyer and activist from Cauca, will be the first Black woman vice president in Colombia. Her platform focused on addressing racial inequalities, creating a Ministry of Equality, introducing affirmative policies, and protecting the environment.

Colombia’s political shift comes as Latin America’s leftist bloc continues to develop. Five of the largest economies in the region— Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia— will have left-leaning governments, with Brazil expected to join after its October election. Leaders have expressed excitement at the chance to improve social and regional integration amongst their populations. The bloc could mean increased focus on democracy, environmentalism, and feminism.

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Expect Petro and Márquez to attempt steps such as banning fracking pilot projects and working to create a green economy. As Márquez tours neighboring Latin American countries in the coming weeks, expect her to call on progressive leaders to end fossil fuel dependence and increase standards of living, while inspiring Afro organizations and women’s groups with her success.

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