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CPAC to Begin in Orlando


CPAC to Begin in Orlando

CPAC to Begin in Orlando
Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) convenes today in Orlando.

The annual conference represents a chance for Republican politicians and leaders to preview campaign messages and to critique Biden Administration policies before Midterm elections in November.

While foreign policy is seldom the biggest issue facing voters during US elections, Republicans may use the opportunity to condemn Biden’s lackluster foreign policy record. The Biden administration’s mishandling of the US withdrawal of Afghanistan and Russia’s influence in Ukraine will likely take center-stage, providing extra impetus for Republicans who seek to regain control of both houses of congress. Republicans will need to gain five seats to take the House and a single seat to regain the Senate. The conference will likely see Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy stance pitted against traditional hawkish Republicans.

If foreign policy does impact the midterm results, however, then November’s election will likely affect the future foreign policy agenda of President Biden. Notably, President Biden will likely adopt a more hardline approach to Russia in the short-term to soften any Republican reproval. Although he is unlikely to use direct military force, expect Biden to instate crippling economic sanctions in the medium-term in hopes of improving his foreign policy approval among voters.

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