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Czech Republic’s parliament to reconvene for first time since elections


Czech Republic’s parliament to reconvene for first time since elections

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The parliament of the Czech Republic will reconvene today for the first time since October’s parliamentary elections.

The elections were mired in controversy after initial results saw incumbent Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ populist ANO Party lose the popular vote to the center-right Together Coalition under Petr Fiala.

While Babis initially conceded, President Milos Zeman—who holds the sole ability to appoint a Prime Minister—was rushed to hospital shortly after the election. Babis then called on parliament to reallocate this power to the Prime Minister and Speaker, prompting concern he would use the ability to grant himself the right to form a coalition.

Following a stabilization in his condition, however, expect Zeman to appoint Fiala as Prime Minister and give him the first right to form a coalition government. This government will be composed of the Together Coalition combined with the centrist Pirate Party and Mayors party.

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Expect this coalition government to initially focus on cutting the budget deficit to 3% from last year’s total of over 7%. Additionally, expect the coalition to reaffirm the country’s pro-Eu and pro-NATO stance while making small steps towards eventually adopting the Euro, considered a key component of fully modernizing the Czech economy.

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