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Deadline for candidates in Kenya 2022 general elections


Deadline for candidates in Kenya 2022 general elections

Deadline for Candidates to Submit Proper Documentation
Deadline for candidates in Kenya 2022 general elections to submit proper documentation
Deadline for Kenya 2022 general elections presidential candidates to submit proper documentation | Photo: International IDEA

Today marks the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s (IEBC) deadline for presidential candidates to submit proper documentation for their candidacy in the Kenya 2022 general elections. Opposition leader Justus Juma must resubmit his candidacy documentation today.

Juma’s original application was rejected by IEBC on Sunday due to his failure to present documentation with the signatures of 48,000 supporters to vouch for his candidacy.

The 2022 Kenyan general elections are predicted to be highly contested, therefore IEBC is taking a lax approach after extending the presidential running-mate selection deadline earlier this month. Accusations of IEBC rigging the 2007 elections were a major catalyst for its post-electoral violence, hence the commission is attempting to maintain public favor at all costs.

In the coming months, expect IEBC to ensure an even playing field amongst parties to avoid serious public unrest, including accusations of malpractice and fraud. Electoral violence in Kenya would pose a major threat to regional stability. Given recent militant activity in neighboring countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, and Mozambique, a political crisis in Kenya would contribute to further democratic deconsolidation in East Africa. To maintain Kenya’s status of relative stability, expect IEBC to handle the August elections with an even-handed approach, placating any potential political turmoil.

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