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Deadline for Philippine 2022 election contestants to submit candidacy


Deadline for Philippine 2022 election contestants to submit candidacy

Karl Alonzo AFP Presidential Photo Division Getty Images
Photo: Karl Alonzo/AFP Presidential Photo Division/Getty Images

Today is the deadline for Philippine 2022 election candidates to submit their certificate of candidacy.

Once filed, candidates may withdraw their certificate and refile for another position until November 15. Elections will be held in May 2022.

Next year’s presidential elections could potentially shake up Philippine politics. On the docket, current President Rodrigo Duterte announced he was retiring from politics, but he desperately needs an ally in office to shield him from the International Criminal Court’s investigation on the human rights abuses he oversaw during his ruthless drug war. Oddly, Duterte’s daughter and mayor of Davao, Sara Duterte-Carpio, leads the polls despite her declaration she will not run for President.

Short-term, expect Duterte-Carpio to resubmit her ballot and run as president in her father’s stead. President Duterte pulled a similar last-minute submission while running in 2015, and his daughter would be able to capitalize on his popularity. Should she run, she will likely be elected.

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Medium- to long-term, Duterte-Carpio will likely moderate the war on drugs, focusing on prevention and rehabilitation to escape widescale criticism. She would also likely expand ties in Southeast Asia, promoting advanced electronic and raw material exports, forming a middle road between the US and China.

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