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Debate to be held on draft revision of new Algerian Constitution


Debate to be held on draft revision of new Algerian Constitution

Algerian constitution draft
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The draft revision of the Algerian constitution will today be debated by a variety of individuals and civil society groups across Algerian society.

The upper and lower houses of parliament have approved the draft amendment ahead of a popular referendum on November 1. President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who won the presidency in December’s largely boycotted elections, launched today’s public debates in an attempt to address the demands of the Algerian youth, represented in particular by the Hirak movement that led protests last year.

The proposed revisions offer no guarantee for the promotion of democracy in Algeria. The draft was conceived behind closed doors by a committee that did not include any members of the opposition or civil society.

Given that the new constitution further empowers the president and fails to represent the aspirations of the people, expect it to further aggravate Algerian youth, resulting in strengthening the Hirak movement. With oil prices remaining far lower than expected and the world economy paralysed by measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Algeria’s fragile economy is already a vulnerability for the government and the proposed constitutional amendment is likely to serve as a further destabilising factor.

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