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Dubai World Expo 2020 to commence after pandemic delays


Dubai World Expo 2020 to commence after pandemic delays

Dubai Expo 2020
Photo: Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai’s World Expo 2021 will begin today. The event was originally scheduled between October 2020 and April 2021 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Normally held once every five years, the Expo gathers representatives from nations the world over to serves as a bridge between governments, international organizations and citizens.

At the event, the United Arab Emirates will look to grow its economic ties with Israel, which could value up to $1 trillion in the next decade. This comes a year after the UAE normalized relations with Israel. As keeping the US’ presence in the Arab Gulf is paramount, Abu Dhabi assumes that creating linkages with Israel would consolidate US-UAE relations as well.

This move is likely inspired by anxiety within the UAE regarding the US’ commitment to assisting its allies given its recent withdrawal from Afghanistan and growing independence from Gulf oil. However, given UAE’s offer to mediate Israel-Palestine relations, Abu Dhabi’s closer ties with Israel may lead to perceptions of abandoning the Palestinians, resulting in domestic discontent and regional criticism.

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The UAE will ignore this criticism and Israel’s entrenched position on Palestine, instead increasing cooperation with the US and Israel through the Economic Policy Dialogue and Defense Cooperation Framework.

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