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Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao to begin parliamentary elections


Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao to begin parliamentary elections

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The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao is scheduled to hold its parliamentary elections today.

Polls conducted earlier this month show the current governing coalition of the Real Alternative Party and MAN Party is likely to lose seats and its right to form a government. Currently leading the polls are centre-right party Movement for the Future of Curacao (MKN), polling at 28%, and the Christian-Democrat National People’s Party (PNP). However, polls also show that 38% of voters are unwilling to reveal their vote, leaving election day outcomes uncertain.

It is likely PNP and MKN will gain seats in today’s elections and form a centre-right coalition government. Once established, the government will look towards meeting conditions for a Dutch financial assistance package approved last year, which included public sector spending cuts. The MKN, as part of the opposition to the current government, opposed the terms of the package, even encouraging violent riots. Nevertheless, the island needs the funds given that economic output stands to contract 20% this year. Likewise, a refusal to implement the terms could embolden opposition politicians in the Netherlands who wish to cut off the Dutch Caribbean islands completely. As such it is likely the agreement’s terms will be honored.

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