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Ecuadorian President to respond to demands from indigenous confederation


Ecuadorian President to respond to demands from indigenous confederation

Photo: Rodrigo Buendia/AFP

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) today expects center-right President Guillermo Lasso to respond to its economic demands.

CONAIE has called for the government to refrain from raising the price of fuel—set to increase tomorrow—reform mining policy and enact a moratorium on debt collection. The demands come amid Ecuador’s economic crisis as fiscal management, COVID-19, and falling oil prices have resulted in a GDP decrease of 11% and an unemployment rate of 68%.

Expect the government to oppose these demands and proceed with the increase. To appease CONAIE, however, expect the government to implement subsidies on public transport to help the country’s poor.

Because Lasso has been critical of indigenous organizations and popular protests, expect more widespread mobilization if the administration does not respond. Other social unions will already mobilize nationally tomorrow in protest of fuel prices and the economic crisis. Similar protests in 2019 almost ended former president Lenin Moreno’s government and only ceased after a deal was reached between all parties involved. If mobilization this time is large enough, expect a similar end, and expect Lasso to move to the left and prioritize fiscal spending targeting poverty and crime over austerity measures to reduce the debt.

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