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Ecuador’s parliament—the National Assembly—to be inaugurated


Ecuador’s parliament—the National Assembly—to be inaugurated

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Ecuador’s National Assembly will be inaugurated today for a four-year legislature.

Pertinent to the unicameral assembly is the approval of the national budget, modification of taxes and the impeachment of state authorities. Today’s inauguration comes amidst one of the direst economic crises, an inefficient vaccination rollout and increasingly high levels of corruption. Five major political parties will define the current parliamentary period in which the president-elect—the conservative Guillermo Lasso—does not have a clear majority.

The party Union por la Esperanza, affiliated with former President Rafael Correa, maintains the largest force with 49 seats, followed by the Pachakutik indigenous movement with 27, the conservative Christian Social Party with 19, the Social Democratic Left with 18 and the ruling CREO movement with 12.

Without a majority, Lasso will need to build bridges with other political parties to advance his agenda. However, the assembly will likely approve Lasso’s first bill, a tax reform to boost the country’s economy. In the medium-term, if approved, it will encourage commerce, increase government revenue to balance the budget and stimulate tourism. In addition, the new Congress might add to its agenda strengthening the public health network, reducing inequalities and directing the country towards a sustainable development model.

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