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Egypt will extend its state of emergency today


Egypt will extend its state of emergency today

Egypt extends state of emergency for another three months
Photo: AFP

The Egyptian government’s 16th consecutive extension of the country’s state of emergency begins today for another three month period.

Egypt has been in a state of emergency since a terrorist attack in 2017, which has given Egyptian authorities extraordinary detention powers, ultimately affecting 60,000 people. Four months ago, for the first time since 2014, the US and 31 other UNHRC members called for Egypt to end the use of “terrorism” charges on human rights and civil society activists.

However, the UNHRC statement has failed to pressure Egypt. Recently, Egypt’s highest civilian court dismissed an appeal by 13 people arguing against their 2019 placement on a terrorist list. Similarly, Egypt’s parliament approved a law that expands the government’s ability to dismiss civil servants suspected of collaboration with terrorists without prior disciplinary action. However, the US and its allies continue to support Egypt militarily, undermining their humanitarian position at the UNHRC.

The extension of Egypt’s state of emergency powers is unlikely to change in the medium-term as the US and other Western powers grow increasingly concerned about militant activity in the Sinai Peninsula and across Africa—an effort in which Egypt is a critical partner.

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